Cultural partnerships

Colorful formats need close cooperation.

It is important for us to take the step out of our own four walls and to seek dialogue with institutions and minds that think in a similar way to ours. The Montforthaus Feldkirch therefore cooperates closely with the Vorarlberg Conservatory, the Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra and the poolbar Festival. For us, cooperation means exchanging content, searching for new sources of inspiration and providing a space for dialogue. Within the framework of the Vorarlberg cultural education program “double check,” pupils of the grammar school Schillerstraße were introduced to the cultural work of the Montforthaus and the Montfort Zwischentöne.

Vorarlberg State Conservatory
The Vorarlberg State Conservatory is the most important musical educational institution in Vorarlberg, and it enjoys international renown. This innovative educational center not only uses the Montforthaus as a concert stage, it also fosters close artistic cooperation with the Montforter Zwischentöne. Students of the conservatory have won the HUGO prize for concert dramaturgy twice already. This was achieved with our Montforter Zwischentöne productions. Students also gain concert experience at the “Concerts at noon” performances in the atrium of the Montforthaus.

Learn more about our current concerts by students of the Vorarlberg State Conservatory performing in the Montforthaus here.

Symphony Orchestra Vorarlberg
Since 2015, all premieres and dress rehearsals of the Symphony Orchestra Vorarlberg have taken place in the main hall of the Montforthaus Feldkirch. The Symphony Orchestra is keen to experiment each year at the Montforter Zwischentöne, such as the concert with pianist Francesco Tristano or the concert exposition of “A Thousand and One Nights.”
Current concerts of the Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra can be found in the calendar of Events.

poolbar festival
The poolbar festival in the “Altes Hallenbad” is an annual summer festival for music and culture from niche to pop. The festival uses the extraordinary spaces of the Altes Hallenbad for a concentrated and demanding program.

cultural mediation “double-check”
The cultural partnership between the Montforthaus Feldkirch and the Gymnasium Schillerstraße, which offers a focus on cultural education, was dubbed “Curtains up”. Aspects of the new culture center were made accessible to the pupils in dialogues and workshops. From architecture, technology, operations management and program design at our Montforter Zwischentöne to exchanges with players such as the Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra, the high school students were able to get to know a cultural enterprise and actively participate in shaping it.

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