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Hosting an event in the Montforthaus means convening in one of the most beautiful regions of Europe with one of the highest standards of living. This is both a privilege we enjoy and a responsibility we must attend to. In everything we do, we want to help pass on this quality of life to future generations.

Feldkirch is Austria’s most energy-efficient town and has already won the Golden European Energy Award twice. Processes in the Montforthaus are optimized for sustainability, for example by using groundwater for cooling and heating, serving regional food and providing excellent public transport connections, making low-emission journeys to and from the Montforthaus possible.

Also worth mentioning: No new space was developed – the new Montforthaus was built entirely on the grounds of the old building.

Our search for energy efficiency is continuous: the passenger lifts generate electricity when descending, and a photovoltaic system converts the sun’s rays into energy. Our use of an eco-friendly groundwater pump for heat exchange and a new electric bicycle and electric car loading station round off our environmentally friendly processes.

The building complies with the energy efficiency class A.

The technical and ecological intelligence of the new Montforthaus is apparent to visitors. Monitors in the foyer show how much electricity the Montfortaus is generating in real time, how heating and cooling is supplied and when buses arrive and depart at the Montforthaus, along with trains at the Feldkirch train Station.

The detailed sustainability concept for the Montforthaus Feldkirch can be found in the download area. We would be happy to answer your questions about our building’s sustainability concept – send us an email to or contact us directly at the tourist counter in the Montforthaus.




  • Nachhaltigkeitskonzept pdf | 221 KB

  • Abfalltrennung Gästeinformation pdf | 138 KB


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