Convene in Feldkirch – Conferences in the Montforthaus

An event center as versatile as its constituent parts.

The Montforthaus Feldkirch was reopened in January 2015 after a two-year construction period. Refined architecture masterfully sculpts this interesting space at the gates of historic Feldkirch.

All of our event rooms have been designed for a wide range of activities – from classical concerts and musicals to congresses, lectures and balls. They can be linked together and used in creative ways to meet the specific requirements of an event. They also allow for unusual and interesting settings as seen with our “Montforter Zwischentöne”. Our ability to provide a multi-faceted, eclectic venue will foster a lively and open platform for your art and your ideas.

Green & smart – a focus on sustainability
Based in Austria’s most energy-efficient city, the Montforthaus has been built with ecological sustainability in mind. The Montforthaus was designed with eco-friendliness as a top priority and as such plays a pioneering role in the Region.


An architectural jewel
This ultra-modern building is harmoniously embedded in Feldkirch’s historic urban landscape. The modern design of the distinctive curved façade, together with the locally sourced Jurassic marble exterior and the concerts hall’s pear wood lining, characterize this architecturally captivating structure. Horizontal window strips caress the curves of the individual floors, and large glass surfaces afford views onto the event activities as well as stunning vistas of the city. The building is enhanced by the 800-year-old town wall, which is preserved and exhumed on its north side.

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