Green Meeting

Sustainable meetings in the Montforthaus

The Montforthaus Feldkirch plays a pioneering role in the region in terms of sustainability. Even during the construction, special attention was paid to sustainability. Regional materials were favoured, groundwater utilized for cooling and heating, and regional products still play an important role in our catering and restaurant. The excellent public transport connections guarantee low-emission journeys to and from the Montforthaus.

The increasing number of Green Meetings in the Montforthaus show that certification according to the criteria of the Austrian eco-label “Green Meetings & Green Events” does not require much effort, but adds much value to the event.

Our philosophy of sustainability is prerequisite to having events certified as “Green Meetings.” The Austrian eco-label “Green Meetings & Green Events” recognizes events that are organized in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Organizers must meet criteria for a “green meeting” in different areas. The environmental and social compatibility of travel, mobility on site, event location, catering, fair trade construction, communication, waste management and accommodation is checked.

You can also highlight your ecological awareness in the run-up to your event by certifying your event as a “green Meeting”. We will be happy to help you certify your Event.



Marcel Früh

Marcel Früh

Event Management Montforthaus & Altes Hallenbad
+43 (0) 5522 9009 3256 | E-Mail
Michael Muzyczyn

Michael Muzyczyn

Event Management Montforthaus

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