Modern Building in a Historical Town

The Montforthaus Feldkirch, once a bulky brown box from the 1970s, opened in 2015 as its own counterpart: in every dimension a modern new-build, light and bright, shining amongst the medieval buildings of the town centre. When noticed it appears as if melted into its surroundings and as an open house invites all to experience its diverse program.

The Montforthaus Feldkirch is a highly modern culture and congress centre that stands in the gap between past and future. It connects traditional tasks with modern ideas. Besides cultural events, the building hosts congresses, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, balls, club celebrations and weddings.

The Montforthaus Feldkirch hosts the Montforter Zwischentöne, a festival that brings top ensembles, artists and scientists from Vorarlberg and the surrounding areas to Feldkirch.

The building also carries the Austrian Environmental Seal and was presented the National Architecture and Sustainability Award in 2017.

Our Vision

We enthuse guests and customers for Feldkirch and the Montforthaus with the events that we host, and act as a communication, mediation, production and development platform. We enable guests and visitors to discover their own talents and to get in touch with the world. Due to the organizational competence of our team, we create spaces for dialogue and development. Our customers are our partners. Together we work for their special Moment. For this purpose, we develop meaningful concepts that create local and personal identities. Social, economic and ecological sustainability is the foundation of our actions. This is what we do, both for our employees and for our customers.

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